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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Does Your Home Have A Welcome Mat Out For Criminals?

We all want our homes to be inviting. For people to feel welcome as they walk up. Yet we truly do not want our homes to be inventing to every one. Unfortunately we can not simply turn on and off the welcome sign like some Hotel, but there are some things we can do to change the view of what seems welcoming to different people.

A front door that is well lit, with additional lights surrounding the perimeter of your home will make it seem like a haven at night to friends and family, but to a criminal it will resemble a spotlight on them as they approach. Using motion sensitive lights to cover the driveway and garage lets you and visitors see their way to the door, and prevents someone from hiding in the shadows.

A sign stating that there is an alarm, is a great idea.  Do not use a sign from a specific company, but a gerneric one that just tells people that there is an elictronic alarm protecting the home.  For those people who live in condominuims, apartments and townhouses that may not have an area to place a sign, you can get small stickers that can be placed on your front door saying the same thing.

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