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Friday, April 1, 2011

Not spillover violence but spillover effects of hostilities in Mexico, that is the real threat to the US.

Very interesting.  Shows a new angle to how the violence in Mexico can effect both the US and its citizens.

A Texas sheriff goes online at the Washington Post to discuss the consequences of Mexico's drug war on poor U.S. border communities. "It is not spillover violence but spillover effects of hostilities in Mexico that pose the real threat to the United States," writes Sheriff Clint McDonald, a past president of the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition. "Spillover effects are the direct results of Mexican violence that influence U.S. citizens living in communities along the border. For example, Mexican gangs fighting to control territory around the frontier village of El Porvenir, in Chihuahua, have threatened for almost a year to kill its residents. To escape the violence, nearly the entire village eventually relocated to Texas border communities — without, of course, being screened or processed." According to McDonald,  "The results include schoolchildren fearing for their safety as their Mexican schoolmates talk of violence and murder, school buses 'tailed' by armed private security guards and criminals relocating to the United States with their families and conducting their operations from this country. The single greatest spillover effect: U.S. citizens living in fear."

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